Tips For Improving Your Interviewing Skills

We all have probably been there trying to hold our nervousness while we wait for the upcoming interview. What we are going to be sharing, will be counterintuitive, but if you employ these tactics and strategies effectively, you will be able to hand the interview with flying colors.

Assume Confidence Poses In The Mirror

Before going into the interview, take a few minutes in the bathroom taking confidence poses and make yourself feel confident by prepping yourself.

Studies have shown that confident postures and behaviors lead to decreased cortisol and increased serotonin. Your body language and behavior influences how you feel greatly, so make sure to allow yourself to feel confident before you head into the interview.

Listen To Motivating Background Music

If you are having difficulty finding yourself alone in the bathroom, you can always put on your headphones and listen to uplifting background music.

Whatever music that makes you feel good and confident, allow that to calm you and put you in a state of flow.

When you feel good and when you are in a state of flow, your words, behavior, and thoughts will come naturally and effortlessly.

Mirror The Interviewer’s Body Language

If you have done some people watching before, people who are close to each other or have a deep bond tend to mirror one another.

Interestingly over the course of a lifetime, married couples start to resemble each other in their physical appearance. Mirroring is a powerful way to feel connected with someone and create a sense of rapport.

However, just don’t go overboard and make it obvious that you are copying the interviewer’s every move. If you are feeling confident that you have established a sense of rapport and connection try touching your arm, or making a gesture. If the interviewer happens to mimick your movement, then you know that you have a rapport going.

Remain Natural and Let The Conversation Flow

While you should keep in mind some basic guidelines such as sitting straight and speaking in a clear voice, don’t force yourself too much or try to appear something you are not.

Let the conversation flow naturally and allow yourself to be free in the conversation. When you are tense and thinking of every move you are making, it is really hard to remain like a human.

You don’t want to come across like a robot, so don’t be afraid to show certain emotions and give yourself some personality.

If you have made it to the interview section, it is not necessarily about whether you are qualified enough; it is moreso about assessing how well you are going to fit into the company and their culture.

Have Self-Respect And Dignity

Most importantly, don’t be someone you are not and have enough self-respect and dignity to know that certain jobs are just not meant for you.

Because if you are coming from a place of neediness and desperation, eventually you will resent yourself for choosing a job that you don’t like or in worst case, a job that you hate.

Never take it personally and always know that you will be fine no matter what happens.